Scrum Product Owner (English)

In this course, we’ll share insights and strategies from decades of success training people to become high-performing Product Owners and Scrum teams in businesses around the globe. Through a combination of lectures, hands-on exercises, and review of real-world case studies from across a diverse set of industries, you will experience first-hand the impact of the Scrum framework and the importance of the Product Owner role.

This two-day course is dynamic and highly interactive. You'll take part in a variety of games and exercises, that will allow you to experience the Product Owner role first-hand. You’ll leave the class knowing how Scrum can accelerate any project. This training is for all levels of Scrum experience.

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Scrum Inc. Product Owner training by Gereon Hermkes

The Product Owner is critical to the success of any Scrum project, yet the role is generally considered to be the most challenging one in Scrum. In this two-day course, you will learn how to be a successful Product Owner. You will learn how to:

  • Assess business value
  • Prioritize features, projects and portfolios
  • Return real revenue with the Product Backlog
  • Share and maintain a compelling product vision
  • Lead Scrum teams to deliver twice the work in half the time
  • Be accountable for the commercial success of a product

Through a sound mixture of theory and practical exercises, participants will be able to experience and deeply understand the power of Scrum. Practical examples from Gereon’s broad experience as a Scrum Master and Agile Coach will put the newly acquired knowledge into context.


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Aktan Aktas, Principal at P3 Group

Having participated in several of Gereon‘s trainings, I can attest to the fact they are always very engaging and thought-provoking. His great strength lies in interweaving theory and practice. What can be dry theory with other teachers quickly comes to live through interesting exercises and anecdotes from his experience as an Agile Coach, which I am able to use when working with my clients. He deeply believes in Scrum and practices what he preaches.

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Alexis Hue, Venture Partner at Via ID

Instead of boring people with abstract theoretical lectures on agility, Gereon has a fantastic way of teaching Scrum by helping the students to experience the material themselves and therefore internalize it. Especially helpful are the practical anecdotes from his own experience that make the Scrum framework very easily digestible. You will come out of the training not only knowing much more about Scrum but also being more about Scrum.

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Stefan Balabanow, Senior Sales Manager Operations at Seven Ventures

I deeply appreciated that instead of going through a fixed program, Gereon adapted the class to the diverse background of the participants to make the class interesting for everyone. As someone that was new to Scrum and also from a business background among a lot of technical people this made me feel right at home. I loved that we did a lot of practical exercises that – in contrast to many other trainings that I attended – were actually fun to do. Would definitely recommend!

Every participant receives an (optional) free hour of online coaching after the training (ideally one to two months after).


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