OWASP Ireland Meetup - March 2014

Building a shield of security - Vulnerability Management by the numbers and dumb robots!

Rahim Jina - BCC Risk Advisory

Rahim has been an active member of OWASP since 2008 and has contributed to many projects such as the OWASP Security Code Review Guide and is an ex-board member of the Irish Chapter. Previously Rahim was a senior security consultant at a “big 4” professional services firm and more recently, the head of security for Fonality Inc, a VoIP service provider based in Los Angeles. Rahim is currently a director for BCC Risk Advisory (bccriskadvisory.com), based in Dublin, Ireland. He is also responsible for the security architecture of the edgescan.com vulnerability management solution.


This presentation discusses how builders, breakers and defenders should look at vulnerability management when attempting to keep hackers at bay. We discuss the most common vulnerabilities which are not detected by security tools nor automation but nevertheless are common and can be used to commit real fraud resulting in financial loss. We will see that Web Application Firewalls are ineffective against such attacks and why the only practical solution is to apply a layered approach across all aspects of the SDLC.

Talk 2: "PCI's Changing Environment - What You Need to Know & Why You Need To Know It".

Stephen Scott - Senior Consultant and PCI QSA in Espion's Information Government practice

The presentation starts at 7:00pm but feel free to come in at 6:30pm to enjoy coffee with your fellow attendees!


Coffee, tea, water are given to you on the house!

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