Neo4J - Graph Databases and the TrumpWorld

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Rik Van Bruggen / Neo4j

Rik Van Bruggen @rvanbruggen is a long time graphista that founded the Graph Database meetups in Amsterdam, Brussels and was one of the early participants in the super-successful London meetup.

He also wrote a book about Neo4j , is an active blogger and podcaster at on the topic. He lives and works in Belgium, but in Dublin for a couple of days working with different Neo4j clients - and did not want to let the evening go to waste without a nice community event.


Graph Databases and the TrumpWorld

Graph Databases have been part of the NOSQL landscape for a long time, but their position is somewhat different than many of the other data platforms that have been taking the world by storm. Rather than focusing on "big" data problems, graph databases have been all about dealing with "dark" data, data that is complex, highly connected and structured as a graph. Using the Neo4j native graph infrastructure, users and customers can get big insights from small data. During this meetup, we will introduce graph databases, position it in today's polyglot persistence landscape, and illustrate its power using some interesting datasets, among which the "TrumpWorld" dataset covering the network of organisations and people around the 45th president of the USA.

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*Doors open at 18:15. Rik's presentation will start at 19:00 and end around 20h30. Some food and refreshments will be provided. *

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