Maker Party: Health Data

Open Data Ireland was set up with the purpose of helping citizens access high value, meaningful machine readable data sets generated by the Irish Government. This community meetup will bring together people who are passionate about sharing, learning, using and progressing Open Data in Ireland.

The overall aim of Maker Party: Health Data is to prove that health data can be more useful if it's accessible and available for reuse in open formats.

The Goals:

  • to explore and identify the benefits of making health data sources open and accessible
  • increase transparency and accessibility of hospital data (i.e. waiting lists) through data liberation;
  • apply data to Open Street Map (OSM);
  • develop a strategy to make this information and the whole subject known to the wider public.

If you work in public or private sectors, if you're a developer, designer, journalist, academic, policy maker, creative thinker, civil servant, entrepreneur or just an Average Joe, you're more than welcome to join us, contribute and participate.

The initiative is championed by the Open Knowledge Ireland in collaboration with Open Street Maps.

The action starts at 9:00am!

Please book your place over on the Maker Party: Health Data page

Book Your Seat

  • Book your free ticket on the Maker Party: Health Data page here
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