jQuery Fundamentals Workshop - Just €139!

On Friday 28th February, TCube will host trainer Peter Munro for a 1 day JQuery Fundamentals workshop.

A hugely popular web development library, jQuery is widely used across the web by many. Its simplicity, power and flexibility make it incredibly attractive as an alternative to vanilla JavaScript.

This 1-day Fundamentals course enables you to become skilled in jQuery, learning concepts first, then applying them in practical sessions, enabling you to add dynamic content, sophisticated effects and stunning animations to give your web project the user interface it deserves.

Led by Peter Munro, there’s a lot to cover. Come prepared for an enjoyable day’s jQuery!


Introduction & Getting Started


Applying Styles

Manipulating Content

Handling Events

Effects and Animations


DOM Traversal

Using Plugins

Performance Considerations


On completion of this course, you will:

Understand how (and when) to use jQuery in a project.

Understand jQuery’s selector toolset.

Have used jQuery in a number of examples and applications.

Have manipulated content, applied styles and handled events within a web page or application.

Appreciate how to use jQuery for animations (as opposed to CSS or other techniques).

Have used AJAX with jQuery, and understood its concepts.


You’ll need to have experience with HTML, and reasonable familiarity with JavaScript.

Priced at just €139 with morning and afternoon refreshments AND LUNCH included, makes the jQuery Fundamentals workshop exceptional value, helping you harness the power and flexibility of jQuery and the ability to produce excellent functions and programs.

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