Evening Meetup with John Ferguson Smart - The Creativity Conundrum



John Ferguson Smart

in association with TechMeetp.Space

The Creativity Conundrum

Doors 18:15 / Presentation 19:00


Agile is built on conversation and collaboration. But research consistently and unequivolically shows that brainstorming, group discussion and similar techniques generate fewer original ideas, and less innovative ideas, than the same group working individually in parallel. In fact, far from enhancing group creativity, brainstorming can actively stifle it. How can we reconcile the science with the Agile dream of shared understanding through face-to-face conversations and collaboration?

Come learn how to put Science on your side! Learn about the pitfalls of brainstorming and group collaboration techniques, and how to avoid them. And learn how to get more creativity and innovation out of your team, by combining Research in Phychology and Team Performance with requirements discovery techniques from Design Thinking, Agile, and Behaviour Driven Development.


Tuesday 5th September - Early Morning Seminar - Bringing Requirements Discovery and QA Together to Deliver Software that makes a Difference

Wednesday 6th - Half Day Workshop - The Fast Track from User Stories to High-Value Software

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  • Target Audience: Product Owners, Delivery Managers, Project Managers
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