Irish PHP User Group Meetup with Lorna Jane Mitchell

Across the world there’s nothing fresh about PHP evangelists. In fact, a quick look will expose them in every nook and cranny of the four corners of the globe.

But there are none so fine than Northern UK soulstress Lorna Jane Mitchell who’s reputation is quite clearly unequi-vocal. Tonight, as a pre-sequel to two coveted workshops taking place in TCube Dublin on Thursday 13th and Friday 14th March, she will give you for one night only, a taste of “PHP upgrade”.

What’s In It For You?

Regardless of your PHP experience, upgrades will be essential to keep your shiny bits…well…shiny.

But wait….if you attack migrations with any ill conceived process, disaster will be lurking right around the corner. This evening session by Lorna Jane will steer you on the right path so.

Session Abstract

What version of PHP are you running? PHP 5.4? PHP 5.5? PHP 5.3?

Most of us lag behind the “new shiny”, but at some point you’ll face both the pain of the upgrade migration and the joy of the new features and performance improvements.

Whether it’s your boss or your distro that holds you back, this session covers what to expect with each upgrade. You will find out about the excellent new features and how to use them, and also get practical, hands-on information about performing a successful upgrade.

The presentation starts at 7:00pm but feel free to come in at 6:15pm to enjoy coffee with your fellow attendees!


Coffee, tea, water are given to you on the house!

Beers and pizza jointly by Engine Yard and New Relic

Buzzing Great WiFi is provided by Magnet!


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