Dublin Web Meetup - Intro to HTML5

HTML5 offers not just a way to create web pages, but a platform on which applications can be built and run distributed quickly on any operating system, even for mobile. Audio and video can be played without plugins, and real-time and event-driven services make websites more dynamic and enable information to be presented to (or retrieved from) the user immediately.

The HTML5 platform is so feature packed, by the end of this evening introduction by Peter Munro, not only will you be open to new creative ideas and the skills needed to implement them, you will also be able to make better informed decisions about the websites you build!

There is a small charge of €5.00 plus 44cents booking fees to attend this event.


Coffee, tea, water are given to you on the house!

Buzzing Great WiFi is provided by Magnet!

What's Next for HTML5

An Intro to HTML5 is the start of a journey – the next step is grasp the HTML5 API’s which are crucial regardless of application domain. Building API’s for HTML5 workshop, taking place on Friday 25th April, does just that!


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