Dublin NoSQL with Crate.io

Tonight, we have Chris Ward from Crate.io in the house.

Chris has been a developer and writer for over ten years with a lot experiences under his belt including web apps, a musical career, a board game and a work of fiction.

Having worked with dozens of projects and communities over the years he is a firm believer in Open Source ideals and methodologies, sharing and spreading great ideas in ways that make knowledge understandable, relevant and accessible to all.

Using Crate a distributed database (Crate has a NoSQL base but is queried in SQL) as an explicit example Chris will show the theory and practise behind their component architecture, along with some basic but extremely cool queries to show what’s possible with it. He will demonstrate the basic practicals of querying and coding for Crate using the gitHub archive.

Whilst the demo is aimed explicitly at Crate (of course!) many of the principles apply to other similar databases.

Chris' session is aimed mainly at beginners to intermediates of NoSQL and Distributed databases and the general outline is leading to why we created Crate and then how it works.

The action starts at 7:30pm but feel free to come in at 6:45pm to enjoy coffee with our fellow guests!

Techmeetup.space is not operated for profit. But as you can imagine, running a venue in Dublin city centre is not cheap! As a result, some of the meetups here have a small cover charge for the upkeep and continuity of the venue.

We will, of course, have coffee on the house, and a few (wait for it) crate.io's (boom boom) of Irish Craft beer to compensate!

Whilst registration is not essential, we're usually over-subscribed and preference is given to people who have pre-booked.

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