Dublin Lampstack Meetup 150903

Tonight, TechMeetup.space plays host to Dublin Lampstack first meetup on Thursday, September 3rd with founder of open sourced PHP framework Agile Toolkit Roman Malinovskis.

Romans is an early pioneer of “Software as a Service” apps and has been developing in PHP since ’95. He started as a freelancer and soon put together a developer team to work on web projects.

Today, Romans and his team are working on building a Platform as a Service around the PHP Framework he has created and open-sourced - www.agiletoolkit.org with the goal to make development of Scalable Web Applications simple and more fun.

“Building Cloud Apps the right way” is a look into the series of a workshops run by Agile Toolkit that teach developers how to rely on the experience and power of an on-line platform and open-source to develop powerful web applications.

The action starts at 7:00pm but feel free to come in at 6:15pm to enjoy coffee with our fellow guests!

Beers courtesy of Stackand.co

There is a small charge of €9.50 to cover the venue. As always, pre-booking is advised.

Includes booking fees

  • Seats in tech Meetup Space are limited - Booking is Essential!
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