Core JavaScript Workshop

On Wednesday 2nd and Thursday 3rd April, TCube will host trainer Peter Munro for a two part JavaScript from the Ground Up workshop. Depending on your experience, each day can be booked separately or both together.

Day 1, Core JavaScript, will take developers from minimal JavaScript knowledge to building working web applications. We’ll start with the very basics, like syntax, data types and control flow. We'll look at the building blocks, including arrays, objects, functions and scope. And the skills you learn will be transferable to many platforms, including the web browser.

We’ll look at how to build applications in JavaScript, and you’ll get plenty of practice in class, with help available. We’ll also understand how to gain confidence that our application works by utilising unit testing.


  • Introduction & Getting Started

  • The JavaScript Language

  • Primitive Types

  • Reference Types

  • Arrays

  • Variables

  • The Global Object

  • Data Types

  • Expressions

  • Control Flow

  • Operators, Expressions, Statements

  • Conversions

    • Converting Strings to Numbers & Numbers to Strings
    • Implicit Conversions
  • Truthy and Falsey

  • Objects

  • Predefined Objects

  • Functions (including anonymous functions)

  • Scope & Hoisting

  • Unit Testing with Jasmine

  • BOM

  • DOM

  • Events


On completion of this course, you will:

  • Be familiar with JavaScript's core language constructs

  • Have written a variety of simple JavaScript applications

  • Be able to write your own JavaScript functions and programs and invoke them

  • Understand how JavaScript relates and interacts with the browser BOM, DOM and XML Http Request objects


  • Familiarity with another programming language is recommended, such as Java, C# or Ruby.


Priced at just €139, Core JavaScript workshop is exceptional value, helping you harness the power and flexibility of JavaScript and the ability to produce excellent functions and programs.

Book your place before 2nd April and receive your priority seat to Introduction to HTML5

Core JavaScript can also be booked alongside Intermediate JavaScript workshop for €259, saving €20.00.


Coffee, tea, water are given to you on the house throughout the day, AND lunch is included!

The workshop starts at 10:00am so come in at 9:30am to enjoy coffee and pastries with your fellow workshop attendees!

Buzzing Great WiFi is provided by Magnet!

Don't Forget Your Laptop!


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