Blockchain: Meetup + Workshop #1

"The blockchain holds a record of every transaction made by every participant. Cryptography is used to verify transactions and keep information on the blockchain private. [... ] By confirming transactions using decentralized consensus, the blockchain eliminates the need for trust." - Device Democracy: Saving the Future of the Internet of Things, IBM, Executive Report here

Can Blockchain(s) help to make the world a better place? Let's explore...

MEETUP (done)

  • Was on: Wednesday, 16 September 2015 [18:30-20:00]
  • Where: Paccar Theatre, Science Gallery Dublin, Naughton Insitute, Trinity College, Pearse St, Dublin 2, Ireland map~~

WORKSHOP (still open)

  • When: Thursday, 17 September 2015 [18:30-20:00]
  • Where: Tech Meetup Space @tcubeDublin, (next to Palace Bar), Fleet St, Templebar, Dublin 2 map

In preparation for our workshop please try to pre-install ErisCli on your own laptop >> [If stuck, hop on IRC #eris-dev for support.]

Please bring your laptop to the workshop, if you wish to follow the demonstration on your own machine.

Includes booking fees

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