Bitcoin Practical Workshop

As a follow on from the upcoming introduction on the 9th a workshop demo session will take place on the 29th to give practical Bitcoin knowledge. The class will be based around demos of some common Bitcoin wallet, software and exchange services

The material will cover

-How to generate a secure password? Whats entropy and why is it important? Whats a password manager? -How to sign up to an exchange? -What is an exchange? Why are the prices different on different exchanges? Which are the most common/liquid exchanges and factors to be aware of? -Which wallets are available/can I use to store coins? -How do I make paper backups/offline wallets? -What's Linux? -Whats a BIP? -What's cryptography and what's it got to do with Bitcoin? -Practical financial considerations from a Bitcoin perspective such as trade accounting

This practical workshop will be lead by Ronan Lynch and with the help of other Bitcoin Dublin members.

Doors open 6:30pm with automatic entry only for people who have pre-registered.


Coffee, tea, water and Buzzing Great WiFi by Magnet are provided on the house!

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