An Evening With John Ferguson Smart

We're delighted to announce that Australian John Ferguson Smart, consultant, coach, and trainer in technical agile practices, is making a return to tcube on the evening of Tuesday 16th June.

A prominent international figure in the domain of behaviour driven development, automated testing, developer best practices, continuous integration and delivery, and software life cycle development optimisation in general, John is CEO and Founder of Wakaleo Consulting, an Australian consulting company that helps organisations optimize their software development process, specialising in Agile Development Practices such as Continuous Integration, Test-Driven Development, Acceptance-Test Driven Development, Build Automation, Code Quality Practices and Automated Web Testing. John is the founder of the open source Thucydides Automated Acceptance Test Library project, and has authored great O'Reilly and Manning manuals such as BDD in Action, Java Power Tools, and Jenkins: The Definitive Guide.

Session One - Twelve BDD Antipatterns - stories from the trenches about how NOT to do BDD

Behaviour Driven Development is a powerful collaboration technique that can empower teams to deliver higher value features to the business faster and more effectively. But although Behaviour Driven Development is based on a number of simple principles, it can go dramatically wrong in a myriad of different ways.

In this talk John will discuss twelve BDD anti-patterns that you will frequently encounter in real-world BDD projects; these are anti-patterns that can dramatically reduce the effectiveness of BDD as a practice, and that can even cause BDD adoption to fail entirely!

Session Two - From requirements to deployment: Implementing a microservice in Java using BDD and TDD

Ahead of his appearance at Devoxx London, June 17-19, John will design, build, deploy, and test a production-like web service written in Java using BDD and TDD. In this live-coding session he will use tools like Cucumber and Serenity to describe, document and automated the acceptance tests for the service, then implement the details with the help of unit-testing tools like Spock and REST-Assured. The application will be built and deployed to the cloud using a cloud-based CI / CD server. WOW!

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Tech Meetup Space is to the right of the Palace Bar on Fleet Street, Templebar, Dublin 2. Doors open at 18:15 and presentations begin at 19:00.

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