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This month, Duncan Jones is hosting a hands-on workshop on "Event Storming"


This workshop is limited to 20 people - whilst pre-booking for this event is not essential, it is advised.

*Pre-registering through this page will guarantee admission BUT please DO NOT book a seat unless you are 100% committed to attending.

We reserve the right to cancel your booking if we consider that you are not aligned to the intended audience.

What is Event Storming ?

Event Storming is a workshop format for exploration of a business domain which consists of gathering the domain experts in a room with some Post-It notes, some very simple rules and a very large modelling space and attempting to discover/explore the business domain.

It works by starting from domain events, which are the business meaningful things that happen in the system and from that working out the triggers that come into the domain to cause these events and then discovering the aggregates to which events are occurring.

See also: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=veTVAN0oEkQ&list=PLve553MhJLs4YkEnHmOjWJv0B-6WY0-JI


Duncan will go through the process in a quick 10 minute presentation on the "how", and then attendees will get started on a business domain example that he has put together.

In order to make a realistic example, personas for the domain and a number of business facts will be put together and shared out amongst the group so no one person knows the whole domain. For 20 minute at the end of the process the exercise will be reviewed (did it work) and also see how well the business domain was understood .

Doors open 18:15, Workshop at 19:00.

Please check your schedule BEFORE booking

  • Seats in TechMeetup.Space are limited - Booking is Advised!
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