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** Introduction to Functional Programming.**

The next Dublin Software Craftsmanship Community event takes place on Thursday 16th June.

This workshop offers you an introduction to functional programming. You will have a choice of Scala or Java 8 for the coding parts, but we will not solely focus on Scala or Java 8 features - instead, we will find out what makes functional programming so great and try to get our hands dirty with important concepts, such as immutability, working with side effects, important library functions such as map, filter and reduce. We will do lots of hands-on coding.

We will work through a kata during the evening to introduce the concepts.

Like other hands on sessions, if you could try and bring a laptop with a development environment setup and good to go.

Doors open 18:15, Presentations at 19:00.


Meetups are limited to 40 people - before booking, please check your schedule and a seat only if you are 100% able to attend.

Please check your schedule BEFORE booking

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