Dublin Software Craftsmanship Community

On Thursday 21st January, TechMeetup.space's newest Resident User Group, the Dublin Software Craftsmanship Community hosted their first monthly software craftsmanship evening open space to discuss technology, practices.

Software practitioners from companies such as Amazon, BAML, DnB, Ericsson, ERS, and IBM attended and over the evening (and a few beers!) discussed subjects such as TDD, Continuous Delivery, and a comparison between airline safety and software quality.

The next Dublin Software Craftsmanship Community event takes place on Thursday 18th February.

Hands on Session - Baby Steps

The next Dublin Software Craftsmanship Community event takes place on Thursday 18th February.

Committing fast and often helps you focus on the behaviour of your system and allows for the design to incrementally emerge. It takes a lot of discipline to make your red-green-refactor cycles as small as possible so that you can commit often.

This exercise (as described here) is a very intriguing way of getting used to such a practice. It puts a time constraint of 2 minutes between every commit and if your tests fail when each two minute session is up then you must remove everything up to the last commit. It's guaranteed to frustrate you in the beginning, as it did us, but you'll be surprised how quickly you start getting used to it.

You will need:

A laptop

A development environment with git installed

A unit testing framework for that environment (environment should be ready to run tests)

A stopwatch/timer (most smart-phones will be fine)

The actual Kata Problem will be introduced at the start of the session. Looking forward to seeing you all there.


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