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Hands On Session - Let's test-drive some code.

The next Dublin Software Craftsmanship Community event takes place on Thursday 21st April.

Here are the rules: we're going to build some software, and we're going to drive it from the acceptance tests first. This session, we'll use a BDD framework (like Cucumber, for example) to flesh out requirements and drive functionality. Your product owner will help you figure out what you're building and make sure you're on the right track.

This is going to require a bit of preparation. Make sure you have a BDD framework configured and running on your machine. Almost every language has a BDD framework. A few examples are:


Ruby and JVM Languages: Cucumber

.NET: SpecFlow

PHP: Behat

Python: behave or PyTest-BDD

We will hopefully post up some sample projects with the BDD frameworks pre-setup. If you have one already setup in the language of your choice, maybe ping me a message and I can add it to the Dublin Software Craftsmanship github repo. That way other attendee's can use that as a starting point.


Meetups are limited to 40 people - before booking, please check your schedule and a seat only if you are 100% able to attend.

Please check your schedule BEFORE booking

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