Connectivity solutions for the Internet of Things – why the “Internet for humans” doesn’t cut it.

Tonight we are pleased to welcome Asavie, a leading M2M security player and a Deloitte Tech Fast 50 company, along with customer Glanbia, the global nutrition company. Together, will share insights of what it’s like to design, develop, configure and manage innovative IOT solutions today.

This meetup is aimed at engineers, DevOps and practitioners from the maker community who want to know more about how to build and scale secure industrial IOT projects.

Asavie’s in-house engineers brew their own beer and will be showcasing a limited edition IPA at this event, so make sure you get there in time to sample the brew and get your goodie bag.

Can You Answer 'Yes' to Any One of the Following Questions?

  • Are you curious about the technology stack required to deliver and support end-user-customizable networks suitable for real-world IOT applications? It’s part ISP/part SDN/part SaaS, and so comes with lots of tough challenges at all points in the technology stack – from Network Engineering and DevOps to Platform architecture and API design.

  • Are you interested in the process of designing and building applications or solutions for the world of connected devices?

  • How does an individual or a company go about starting their own “pet” IOT project?

If you did, then this event is probably one for you!

It’s only eight years since the smartphone emerged, heralding a new age of always-on mobile connectivity. Networked devices already outnumber the people on the planet and within the next five years, the number of devices connected to the Internet will reach 50 billion machines, ranging from networked sensors to industrial robots. In tonight’s session we’ll explore how companies large and small are seeking to leverage the IOT and we explore and discuss some of the potential challenges they face along the way.

Talk 1 - Connectivity solutions for the Internet of Things – why the “Internet for humans” doesn’t cut it.

Hear from Asavie’s engineering and front-line solutions teams about what it’s like developing connectivity technologies to enable the Industrial Internet of Things and why the current internet is not really fit-for-IOT-purpose. Presenters will include Mark Mullane, Engineering Manager with Asavie. Mark oversees the build and architecture of Asavie’s API platform to enable customers and third parties leverage Asavie’s highly scalable M2M security solution.

Joining Mark will be Keith O’Byrne, Asavie’s Director of Solutions, who will share insights gained from consulting with enterprises in USA, Europe and Asia on their next-generation IoT and mobility solutions.

Talk 2 – IOT Case study from the Food Industry

We’ll also have an IOT case study from Glanbia’s Group MES Lead, Michael Power who oversees their manufacturing intelligence technologies. Michael promotes the use of Manufacturing Intelligence Technologies to identify opportunities for improved performance & efficiency and leads a team to deliver and support new MES and MOM installations at Glanbia.

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