Mastering Object Oriented PHP - Atlanta

Brandon Savage is coming to Atlanta, and he's bringing his expertise on object oriented PHP with him!

Come get your pressing questions about object oriented PHP answered in a small, intimate setting. This eight-hour class will leave you with a greater understanding of object-oriented development practices and principles.

This class will cover:

  • Understanding The Single Responsibility Principle and Coupling
  • PHP's Object Features
  • Introduction to SOLID Programming Principles
  • Advanced SOLID Programming Techniques
  • PSR, Composer and Modern PHP Standard
  • Advanced Dependency Inversion and Testing
  • Introduction to Design Patterns

We will do hands-on learning, so make sure you bring a laptop with PHP 5.5 installed!

And with only 12 seats available this class will sell out, so don't wait too long to get your ticket!

Tickets Prices in USD

Additional Information

Make sure and bring a laptop with PHP 5.5 installed. Check out for instructions on how to build a Vagrant/Puppet setup!