PowerShell days UK

PSDayUK is a shorter and regional version of PowerShell Conference Europe. Our goal is to reach out to a wider variety of practitioners by making the conference more accessible. At PSDayUK we’re not afraid of covering the fundamentals of the PowerShell language, the tooling used for and with PowerShell, but also to explain practical use cases and the practices we found would help you be more productive

The PSDayUK 2023 conference is a one day event, with 3 tracks held in CodeNode in central London. Prior to the conference we have two optional days of workshops with some choice.

The agenda is as follow:

Day 1: PowerShell Fundamentals training day

Day 2: PowerShell Deep Dives training day

Day 3: PSDayUK, full conference day with several renowned international speakers to run sessions and conversations with you about PowerShell and more.


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