A dedicated Swift conference taking place in the fair city of Aveiro, Portugal

The conference is scheduled over three days: June 25, 26 for workshops and June 27 for extra activities (not included in the tickets).

Tickets starting from €199. They will be made available in a tiered fashion.

There are no differences between tickets from different tiers (eg: a Super Early Bird and a Standard ticket) so just get the cheapest you can find (apart from Diversity tickets).

Note: Diversity tickets cannot be used to join the conference. By purchasing them you are contributing to our diversity scholarship budget which, in turn, will be used to grant access to people from under-represented groups or in financial need.


Event map

Additional Information

SwiftAveiro is an workshop-based conference in which attendees are encouraged to experiment new technologies, libraries, patterns and methodologies while working with strangers, people they've never worked before. The idea is to learn by making (and often failing) while socialising as much as possible.

The conference is scheduled over three days: June 25, 26, and 27, 2020.

By purchasing a ticket you are hereby accepting the conference's Code of Conduct and our Terms and Conditions