Using data to inform your content strategy

Substrakt is proud to be partnering with Work in Culture to deliver a series of webinars for the WIC community. The third of these webinars is all about using data to inform your content strategy.

In the arts, understanding and interpreting data is often a secondary part of a role. This is no surprise - the sector’s digital skills gap has been well reported over the last decade. The required skillset for many arts jobs is multifaceted and it’s fairly uncommon so see organisations with a person let alone a team dedicated to data analysis. 

But any kind of strategy - whether it’s a long-term integrated organisational strategy or a practical digital content strategy - needs to be underpinned by facts about your audience, your finances, your people, your goals and your processes. 

Data can be particularly valuable for developing quick wins for optimising your content strategy. Understanding which content is helping you to achieve your goals and why can provide you with easily actionable insights.

In this webinar, we will share guidance and tips for doing just that. We will explain some quick and easy things you can do to get familiar with the data at your fingertips and ensure your content is working for both you and your users.

Our webinar will be taking place on Thursday 11th April, 2-3pm EST. If you'd like to join us just register below and we'll see you there!

\[Substrakt\]\(https://substrakt\\\.com/\\\) is a digital agency specializing in the arts and culture sector. They partner with over 70 cultural organisations in Europe and North America to design and build websites and digital products that create meaningful digital experiences for their audiences. Their clients include the National Theatre, RSC, Malmö Opera and Folger Shakespeare Library. Substrakt also provides strategic consultancy across a range of digital topics along with practical training and support services.


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