Comedy Experience Singapore with Rachman Blake

There's so many rich people here, I saw a guy sweating Fiji water. Now scroll down for showtimes and get those tickets!


Additional Information

I'm finally back in Singapore AKA the only place on Earth where millionaires still dry their laundry outside. A lot has happened since the last time I was here. I'm no longer dating, because I think I found the one. Yeah...I couldn't believe it either. Now, I have a new show called the Comedy Experience Singapore that talks about some hilariously salacious stuff. Performed by your's truly...a mythical creature, AKA a Black guy in Singapore!

Think you can make it? "CAN!". We'll trade stories and laugh just like old times. (checks Singlish dictionary) So if you ain’t pokkai, buy these tickets & chope some seats while you still can, lah! . If you "CANNOT!" then forward this to a friend. They'll be grateful as it's one of the few legal ways you can still have fun! Featuring Rachman Blake from the hit world-touring comedy show Story Party | True Dating Stories. +10 Million YouTube views +65 Countries +100,000 Tickets