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Come to Comedy Experience where you'll be thrilled by improvised interactions and laugh at razor-sharp observations. The show features Gilli Apter\, known for her hilarious performances on the smash-hit show\, Story Party | True Dating Stories.

Gilli Apter is one of South Africa’s top comedians, currently based in London. She has performed all over the world with her confident, unique style and observations about life that will make you laugh too hard to realise you’re having a nervous breakdown. Some have said that if Jerry Seinfeld, Ali Wong, and Chris Rock had a baby, that would be nuts. You could watch Gilli’s stand-up on Netflix (Only Jokes Allowed), or you can come see her live and then go home to watch her on Netflix. Either way, she's on Netflix!

It's funny, it's exciting, it's about 2 hours and you’ll laugh till you cry, or at least smile once or twice. Get your tickets today, because this will sell out. Bring your friends, get off your phones, and come to an actual event! It will make a great Instagram story!

+10 Million YouTube views +65 Countries +100,000 Tickets Sold