Node.JS Performance Workshop with Matteo Collina & David Mark Clements

Writing efficient Node.JS Code is not necessary an easy thing. Matteo Collina & David Mark Clements have been discovering how to write performant JavaScript in Node.js since the beginning. Before they knew how it was it done it all seemed so magical. But as we became better at understanding fast-scrolling text littered with hex addresses we began a journey to solidify our approach and share it with others.

What is our primary strategy? Build tools that make optimizing Node easier, then formalize a workflow process around those tools.

The workshop is extremely interactive. We make sure that each participant solves several performance issues in a given HTTP application. Our methods and tools include 0x for flamegraph generation, autocannon for HTTP/1.1 benchmarking, v8 trace analysis, and bytecode interpretation all within a structured analysis workflow.

The workshop is for intermediate Node.js developers with a minimum of 1 years experience. Participation requires a recent version of either Linux or macOs, or otherwise a VM running a recent Linux version.


  • Join Matteo Collina & David Mark Clements on their way to a new level of Node.JS Performance
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