Git and GitHub Training

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On Monday November 24th, in this one day class in Manhattan, learn (or revise) the fundamentals of Git and GitHub and then move on quickly to master proven best practices for collaborating using Git and GitHub.

If you’re a developer, master the key elements of Git and GitHub to more effectively keep track of your changes and collaborate with your team.

If you work with or manage developers, learn with developers how to really use Git and GitHub to see the state of your project and provide feedback on their work.

This fast paced, full day (9am-4.30pm) class will be taught by Peter Bell - contract member of the GitHub training team, author of Introducing GitHub and creator of Git and GitHub LiveLessons and Code Schools Mastering GitHub. The class will be co-taught by Pete Campbell, a highly experienced developer and trainer.

In one day, learn:

  • How to collaborate using pull requests to stimulate a discussion about new pieces of functionality

  • How to undo almost anything using Git (revert, commit —amend, the three levels of reset and rebase -interactive)

  • Three different ways to use the reflog to retrieve lost history

  • How to really understand and optimize pulling, pushing and fetching when working with remote servers like GitHub

  • How to use short running feature branches to work on small units of user valued functionality

  • How to use tags to manage your releases and to simplify your branching strategy by only adding release branches if and when they’re required

  • How to pick between fast-forward and recursive merges and how to fix merge conflicts

  • When you might want to rebase and how to handle both rebasing and rebase conflicts

  • Three approaches to ignoring files in Git and when to use each one

  • How to quickly configure a new laptop with the key settings required to get the most out of Git

  • What “Reuse Recorded Resolution” is and how to take advantage of it easily

This class will provide you the skills to be truly proficient and comfortable with Git, the experience to collaborate quickly and easily in terms using GitHub, and the knowledge to use proven best practices around branching and collaboration strategies to streamline and speed up your software development processes. More than just a class on the syntax of Git and the interface to GitHub it’s a way to learn the strategies being used by high performing teams to more quickly deliver business value from the software they write.

This is a hands on class so you’ll need to bring a WiFi enabled laptop and a power supply. No prior knowledge of Git or GitHub is required or assumed, but if you have been using Git for a year or two you should still get substantial value out of the class.


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