Fit for the Future; Retül technology 2016 and beyond

Retül, the leader in data-driven bike fitting technology and riding technique optimization, is poised for an exciting second half of 2016.

Since 2007, Retül has been focused on delivering the most accurate, real time data to both riders and fitters, enabling adjustments that result in the most comfortable and efficient bike/rider interface possible. In 2012, Specialized partnered with Retül, who's technology and tools have been incorporated into the Body Geometry Fit program, bringing together the leaders in fit process and fit tools in order to provide the most comprehensive fit solution available.

Retül continues to focus on creating the best tools for fitters and riders, as well, including the Müve SL fit bike, Vantage Motion Capture System with V7 software, Angül fit stem, and Custom Fütbeds. And to serve riders around the globe, Retül tools and technology are also available to all retailers. Retül is excited to announce three important additions to its product offering this year:

  1. Custom Body Geometry Footbeds.
  2. Updated V7 Software, including updated biomechanical ranges, simpler definitions and measurements, and additional measurements.
  3. A Digital Saddle Width Measuring device that helps riders choose the best saddle for their anatomy.

Retül technology will allow the fitter to gather more information about riders' needs, which helps to develop innovative new ways of bringing the benefit to all riders.

And with tools like the Digital Saddle Width Measuring Device, Retül is providing data to riders that helps them learn more about themselves and, in turn, make more informed decisions. Retül is confident this can be a springboard to more projects that empower the fitter and retailer to help riders choose bicycles and equipment that align with their goals, as well as their bodies' needs.

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