AI Engineer World's Fair

The AI Engineer World's Fair is the biggest technical AI event of the year, happening June 25-27th, the one place you can meet with ~every major model lab from OpenAI to Anthropic to Cohere, every cloud infra platform from Azure to Groq, disruptive AI startups to Fortune 500 AI leaders, and every notable building block in the AI Engineering landscape. We exist to serve 3 specific personas: the generalist software engineer, the deeply involved AI engineer, and (new this year) VP's of AI.

See full details of our 9 tracks, 30+ expo exhibitors, 50+ workshops/sessions, and 100+ speakers, and adjacent SF events:


The World's Fair has up to 5 concurrently running tracks, including our VPs of AI track. We want to encourage you to bring your team: Purchase a VP ticket + at least 3 Conference passes & email with your receipt, and we'll refund 1 engineer's ticket!