A Smashing Hour with… Henri Helvetica

Today, Wednesday December 15, 8–9 am PT (check your timezone) we are doing another Smashing Hour — this time with the wonderful Henri Helvetica. Looking forward to a full hour with Henri on performance, what's happening on the web, and running of course!

You can enter the event via this Zoom link: https://smashingmagazine.zoom.us/j/99293987714

(Please do still register so we can keep you up-to-date, send you the video and other friendly things :)



December 15th, 2021

8:00am – 9:00am PST
Smashing Hour Live

Additional Information

In our Smashing Hour events, Vitaly Friedman spends a full hour with a guest from the industry. Topics range from SVG to performance, and color preferences to pizza toppings. You can shape the conversation through your questions as well of course!

In our upcoming event on Wednesday, December 15, 8-9am PT (check your timezone), our next guest is the amazing Henri Helvetica. Henri is a well-known speaker and expert on various front-end topics such as (image) performance, accessibility and running (yes the sporty kind — not the 'running away from problems' kind :).

Register your ticket here — this community event is free for all — and bring your friends!