Human Rights Centered Design & AI @ MozHouse

  • Time: 9am-12pm
  • Location within RSA: Romney Room

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With this workshop, we aim to co-create a space for conversations around user experience (UX), design, and AI. AI seems like it’s everywhere at the moment, but it’s also a hugely broad topic and not straight-forward to engage with. At the moment, most of the conversations are happening in the technology and policy spaces, and not centering people or their experiences. For the most part, designers haven’t been brought to the table to discuss methodologies and criteria to guarantee human rights in the AI development.

We want to gather to talk about how we can change this dynamic and help bring people, user experience, rights and consent into the conversation? What are the barriers and challenges to getting involved? What momentum and opportunities do we see? What are our needs to make this more possible and how can we support each other as a community in this space?

This workshop is part of a series of convenings around human-rights centered design. The Human Rights User Experience (UX) Community is an emergent group of practitioners from the Internet Freedom, Digital Rights, Media Justice, Translation, Training, Design and Development communities. For our events, we prioritize designers, trainers, and practitioners from around the world who work on products with great sensitivity, some are new to human-centered design methodologies, looking for opportunities to connect and share issues and challenges they face in their day to day work.

Participants can expect to honor the Simply Secure Code of Conduct and Mozilla Community Participation guidelines.

If you are interested in joining the workshop at MozHouse, please register here. If you have any questions (e.g. accessibility accommodations, concerns about the venue, conflicts with other pre-MozFest events, or general barriers to participation), please reach out at which goes to Georgia Bullen (Simply Secure), Sage Cheng (Access Now), Ashley Fowler (Internews), and Soraya Okuda (EFF).