STC Webinar #12 - Building Business Resilience

Please join this webinar at 11.00am.

This webinar will be hosted by George Patterson, of STC member, Hexegic, who will offer some thoughts on how organisations can build resilience into their cultures and ensure that they can be as prepared as possible to adapt to the current situation and allow their companies to be well placed to be stronger going forward.

George will provide perspective and observation on the situation and the benefits and opportunities from adopting a resilient business mindset:

  • How can companies take advantage of the situation
  • What benefits can be retained going forward
  • How knowledge of risks will make for greater resilience
  • Empowerment across the business to strengthen the offer

Following an informative presentation, there will be an interactive Q&A session – to allow for the best use of this time, any questions received in advance will be given precedence and allow George to present a more effective response.

Please join us for a session that will bring you up-to-date with the latest information out there with valuable advice on next steps.


  • STC Member place
  • For companies that are not (yet) members of the STC
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