Technology and Innovation Planning for Success

Making sense of new technologies effectively and at speed is crucial for business and R&D leaders. Technology and innovation plans that are well-aligned to company and product goals give leaders the ability to make sharper, more informed decisions, and to better account for crucial investment choices. Book your place now to make better decisions that focus your precious resources and enabble you to enjoy the business results you deserve.

In this webinar, supported by MPA, we welcome our host Rob Munro – an industrial associate with IfM Engage, the knowledge transfer business of The Institute for Manufacturing at Cambridge University.  Rob will share his expertise on how to identify the key questions to ask when formulating a high-quality technology and innovation plan, and how to focus on the direction and scope of future investments.  He will highlight how you then align the wider organisation to delivery as the key step in delivering better results.

Discover how to develop a technology and innovation strategy that supports:

  1. Quicker and more effective answers to technology investment questions
  2. Clarity over the capabilities you need to invest in
  3. Accountability for ROI, financial performance and internal decision-making and insights about taking the first steps back in your business.

Book your place to participate in this interactive webinar, where you can start to test your thinking and accelerate your plans to create opportunities and drive your business forward.


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