Webinar: Making Patents Work for You

Join us at this STC webinar in partnership with Dolleymores, supported by Hexagon.

A major change is happening in the European Patent system this year that can benefit you. The Unitary Patent System and Unified Patent Court come into effect on 1 June 2023 and could lead to much cheaper cost of obtaining and maintaining patents covering a range of countries in the EU, and a streamlined cost-effective litigation system.

The Patent Box tax regime has been in existence for a while, in which profits made worldwide on sales or licensing of products or processes incorporating patented technology are taxed at a low rate, but is of significantly greater potential benefit now with increased corporation tax rates.

 We will show how this system can be used effectively and speedily, even for developments in your technology that you may not view as particularly revolutionary. We will examine the pros and cons of these, and examine how they can help you to protect your inventions cost-effectively and maximise the benefit of your Intellectual Property (IP).

 Finally we will give a brief refresher overview of the various ways of protecting your IP.

Meet our speakers:

John Kensett John has been a qualified UK and European Patent Attorney for nearly 40 years and has been a partner in Dolleymores for 30 years. John has a background in Physics and specialises in patent filing, prosecution and advice in a broad range of physics and engineering–based fields, as well as having extensive experience of design protection.

Dr Peter Marchand Peter qualified as a UK and European Patent Attorney in 2021. He has a background in chemistry, materials science and process engineering and spent time in academic research before deciding upon a career in IP. His research work  focussed on the development of sustainable and scalable routes to a variety of functional materials for applications in  range of technologies, including batteries and sensors. 

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