Hiring & Working Remotely – Getting it right

Managing and growing teams virtually has now become a pivotal requirement for many business leaders. Ensuring new and existing staff are fully engaged, happy and productive is critical to performance, but are you sure you’re getting it right? Join this session to better understand the key HR procedures and issues for hiring someone remotely and what you need to get right in managing your teams.

We are pleased to be joined by our STC member HR and Recruitment specialists to advise and explain how to get things right.

Julie Stewart from TD Group and Neil Gothard from AGM Motorsport Recruitment will be sharing expert insights into the whys and wherefores of recruiting and how to get this right online. They will share the necessary procedures you need to follow, provide some invaluable top tips and what pitfalls you need to avoid.

Caroline Robertson of ActifHR will highlight some key issues around managing employees remotely, essentially covering the legal and HR matters that you need to consider. She will provide some key guidelines and risks to be aware of, Data Protection points you need to consider, and also how you might best approach managing the move to return some employees to work or part-time work.


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