Webinar: Grants and Funding

We present the STC Grant Funding Masterclass webinar, in collaboration with TBAT Innovation on Grants and Funding Opportunitiessupported by Hexagon.

Grant Funding Masterclass

Join TBAT Innovation Ltd for a Grant Funding Masterclass, delving into how to write a successful grant application for Innovate UK.

Knowing how to write your grant funding application is the most important part of applying for innovation funding. Many competitions have success rates of below 10%; therefore, your application needs to stand-out, showcase your innovation and demonstrate your knowledge and expertise, all within tight word-limits.

Through years of successfully helping businesses just like yours to apply for Innovate UK funding competitions, TBAT are experts in writing successful funding applications that will capture the assessor’s attention and highlight why your innovative project should be funded!

  • Esther Lawrence

Having joined TBAT in 2021, it has allowed me to utilise my experience in bringing products and services to market into helping struggling companies gain funding through R&D and innovation grants and tax incentives to help develop and innovate their new technology and services.

  • Bethan Roullier

I have always been an avid reader, which grew from novels as a child to scientific papers and journals, which really enhanced my love for science and technology. From here, I moved into grant writing and quickly discovered enjoyment in the fast-paced work which has enabled me to help businesses fund their innovation.

  • Lydia Nurse

I recently joined TBAT this year which has given me the opportunity to communicate complex and novel ideas. My experience of working across Innovate UK’s Smart Grant enhanced my interest in helping businesses transform their futures through funding.

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Timings: 11.00am – 12.00 noon