Shopify Meetup Manila: What Shopify Is & Why It Matters

A relatively unknown eCommerce platform in the Philippines, Shopify is rapidly gaining traction around the world as an eCommerce platform of choice for retailers, both large and small.

This represents a large opportunity for existing Philippine-based developers of other platforms such as WordPress, WooCommerce and Magento, as the demand for those who can develop for Shopify as well rapidly grows, creating many new jobs with it.

During the Philippines first official free Shopify Meetup, hear from a:

  • Retailer on who they are, how long they’ve been using Shopify, why they chose it, their experience with other platforms, and the strengths and weaknesses of Shopify for their business.
  • Marketer: Reload Media's Digital Marketing Team Lead for Asia, Erica Magbanua will talk on the benefits of marketing with Shopify, how it better supports the natural customer journey out of the box, and why that means its presence will continue to grow
  • Developer: Devote Digital's Senior Shopify Developer, Richard Dean Espelarga on the power of Shopify, their experience in transitioning from WordPress and PHP, and how those platforms compare. Richard will also cover why and how he decided to make the change, some examples of what he's done with Shopify, and, tips and tricks for those making the switch.

This will be followed with a 30 minute Q&A panel discussion, giving an opportunity to ask questions.

The night will conclude by explaining the upcoming series of Manila Shopify Meetups: targeted at guiding existing devs and partners on how to make the transition.

Free pizza and drinks will be provided for any registered attendees on the evening.


  • 2:00pm: Check in: Grab your name badge, network, and enjoy some free soft drinks and pizza.
  • 2:30pm: Event start: Our retailer, marketer and developers will give a quick 10 minute presentation on the who, what, why and how of their experiences with Shopify.
  • 3:00pm: Panel discussion & Q&A: Your chance to ask the panel anything you like about their experiences with the platform.
  • 3:30pm: Wrap up and final networking: Next steps on how to learn more about Shopify and what will be covered in the next meet up. Finishing off the free pizza, soft drinks & onsite networking.
  • 4:00pm: Head to our nearby resto for free beers and informal catch-ups.

Benefits Of Attending

As well as getting the chance to meet some other amazing people, by attending you'll benefit by learning:

  • What Shopify is, and how it differs from other eCommerce platforms
  • The rapidly growing use of the platform, both in the Philippines and abroad
  • The career opportunities this is creating, and how to harness them
  • How to make the transition to this platform


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  • Registration is not currently available.

By the power of Tito