She Codes Brighton - Tech in 10

As part of Spring Forward, She Codes are hosting an evening of ten minute technical talks by some of the industry's best women.

We'll be hitting the ground running with high level, whirlwind tours of technology. The sessions will focus on how to fast boot into an industry, insider tips and secrets, how to quickly start creating quality commercial level code, gotchas, interesting niches and more.


Please note that this is not the running order, which is yet to be confirmed.

Wendy Armstrong - What Every Web Developer Needs to Know About Native Mobile Development


Dr Sam Type - Geek Detectives - Finding Evidence on Computers

  • What is computer forensics?
  • How do we do it?
  • Challenges past and future. - @IAmSamGeek - LinkedIn: sam-type

Ellen Cubbin - First Taste of Python and Django from a PHP Developer's Perspective


Hannah Pilbeam - Design for Hackers

  • A caffeinated introduction to design: Pair fonts like a pro, grid like a thug and colour like there's no damn tomorrow.


Seren Matthews - Fastboot into Android Development


Donna Comerford - Connecting the Dots

  • The Education Picture - What does computer education look like today?
  • Collaborative Projects - Educators, creative, digital & IT (CDIT) and cultural professionals working together.
  • Young Creatives - How can we encourage them? - @DonnaComerford

Dorothy Wingrove - Dorothy and Her Ruby Red Slippers (Programming Slippers...)


Giulia Alfonsi - Web to Arduino to Lego

  • How to program Arduino with Node.js using Johnny Five.
  • Make the Arduino communicate with the web through

@electric_g -

Laura Kalbag - An Introduction to WAI-ARIA

  • Web accessibility and why it’s important.
  • WAI-ARIA and how it can help make sites more accessible.
  • When we shouldn’t use WAI-ARIA. - - @laurakalbag

Rosa Fox - Get Started Building Web Apps Using Rails

  • After this talk you will be armed with the knowledge to start building web apps using Ruby on Rails.

@Rosaemerald -

We have a brilliant all female speaker line up but audience tickets are open to all, so we encourage you to come along regardless of your gender. We have a number of long time developer/first time speakers so do come and show your support.

Please note that doors will open at 18.30pm. Refreshments will be provided, courtesy of American Express. Talks will begin at 19.00pm sharp so be prepared to be seated around 18.45pm.

Be sure to purchase a ticket below (free of charge) to avoid disappointment.

** She Codes Brighton offer regular informal meet ups and workshops for female developers. Visit our website to find out more **