3rd Annual Holiday Party for Python Devs in the Bay Area

Let's celebrate the Python community in style with talks from Raymond Hettinger and community members, live music, raffle, good food, beer... ya know, the essentials.

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Lightning Talks

  1. Linting for beginners by Ahsan Zahid
  2. Zebras and Lasers by Jonas Neubert
  3. 2FA, OTP, WTF? by Kelley Robinson
  4. How to discover a planet using 12 lines of Python code? by Geert Barentsen
  5. Bot Racing! by John Ellis
  6. Docker but for data: Quilt is an open source Python project by Aneesh Karve
  7. Datasette - publish an instant JSON API for a SQLite database by Simon Willison

Main talk on Python 3.7's new dataclasses from Raymond Hettinger

alt textRaymond Hettinger has been a Python Core Developer since 2001 and received the Python Software Foundation Distinguished Service Award in 2014. He is the author of many parts of Python, including itertools, collections, sets, sorted, enumerate, and reversed. Currently, he runs an international Python training and consulting business. He shares his wisdom on twitter via @raymondh and is among the most well-received speaker at Python Conferences around the world.


  • 5:45pm Check-in / reception
  • 6:10pm DJ G-Vision and a Live Band
  • 6:50pm Opening Remarks
  • 6:55pm Lightning Talks
  • 7:35pm Break: Music, networking, more drinks/food
  • 7:55pm Raffle/Thank yous to Community Leaders
  • 8:05pm Feature Speaker + Q&A
  • 9:05pm Closing
  • 9:30pm Hard Stop

Ticketing Information

The Holiday Party is one of two fundraising events for SF Python to cover operating costs of producing over 20 tech meetups a year. If the ticket cost is a financial hardship for you, please write to the organizers.

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SF Python A volunteers run organization aiming to foster the Python community by producing fun and educational get-togethers for developers in SF Bay Area.

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Tickets Prices in USD

  • Sold out
  • $25
  • Your sponsorship will allow us to produce talk videos for this event on SF Python's YouTube channel. As a thank you, we will include your company's logo in the videos' intro. If multiple companies sponsor, the additional funds will be allocated to make past and future talk videos available. Feel free to email Grace Law with questions.
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