Project Night at PlanGrid

On March 21, SF Python is bringing its Project Night to PlanGrid.

It's going to be an evening with about ~ 125 Python devs getting your questions answered, sharing knowledge, hacking and taking tutorials. Our educational theme for the night will be courtesy of Twilio - read on for details!

Until we meet, please help us thank our venue host PlanGrid for providing a venue excellent for unconference-style open space discussions and food/drinks for this event.

If you'd like to offer a tutorial, please provide the info here

If you'd like to be a mentor, please reach out to Grace or Simeon.

Who should attend?

- Due to our host's preference, you must be over 21 to attend this project night

• New to Python and want to work with other Pythonistas

• Experienced devs who want to hack on your work, personal or open-source projects

• Experienced devs who want to mentor others

• Anyone that's interested in our tutorial offerings

The plan:

6:00p Begin check-in

6:50p Introductions: tell us about your project and/or the kind of help you seek

7:00p Make yourself comfortable and start hacking, or attend one of the tutorials

9:30p Wrap up / Door close


For experienced Python developers:

TwilioQuest! Developers from Twilio will be on hand to get you started on this interactive self-paced game that teaches you to code against Twilio's APIs. There are special levels only available during Twilio events and there may be prizes for successful completions.

For beginners:

Twilio SMS Tutorial - Twilio representatives will also walk you through an SMS with Python tutorial. Learn to send and receive SMS messages from Python with Twilio! Attendees should have Python installed (2.7 or 3.4+).

If you'd like to offer a tutorial for this or future project nights, please provide the info here

Check-In Process

• Doors open at 6:00pm. Please wait outside without blocking the building entrance. Security will check ID and stop admitting guests at 7:30p.

• Wait-listed folks or those without a tito registration by March 21 9am will register onsite and be admitted after 6:45pm if we have not yet reached venue's capacity.

Hope to see you there!

This event is produced by

SF Python, a volunteers run organization aiming to foster the Python Community in the Bay Area. Please consider making a donation.

Food, drinks, and venue for this meetup is through the generosity of

PlanGrid. PlanGrid is creating software for the 10 trillion dollar construction industry. Our mission is to be the record set for every job site in the world. Construction is stuck in the past - we are bringing it into the future through field first mobile applications backed by advanced machine learning techniques. PlanGrid has adopted Python as it’s language of choice for rapidly building advanced file processing pipelines and cloud services optimized for mobile offline use. With Python as the backbone of our product, we’re a proud sponsor of the SF Python Meetup. Please consider their job opportunities if you or someone you know are looking!


  • A donation of $10-$15 is appreciated and will help the organizers produce events at SF Python. Please choose to donate more, or change the ticket value to $0 before clicking CONTINUE.
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