Step Back, Stand Out

This is a two-day, residential leadership retreat for a group of just 15 experienced women leaders, from the corporate world and beyond. It will take place at Cliff at Lyons, a luxury private hotel that is deep in the Irish countryside, yet only 30 minutes from Dublin Airport.

Are you constantly busy, rarely able to stop and work out where you want to be? This retreat is an opportunity for you to sit back, re-connect with yourself, and then develop that self to help you lead with compassion and courage.

This is a chance for you to explore your leadership, define your vision and increase your impact. It will give you time to think and to collaborate with your peers. You’ll gain deep insight into yourself and your capabilities and a support network of other senior women.

You will spend two days taking part in workshops and coaching, and developing your personal action plan. You’ll focus on your future growth while allowing plenty of space for contemplation and reflection. Before the retreat, you’ll be asked to fill out a questionnaire so we can tailor the programme to your needs. Afterwards, you’ll have a coaching session in which you’ll follow up on your action plan. Leadership is not tick-box, and neither is this retreat.


Additional Information

The retreat includes:

· Accommodation for one night in an individually designed room at Cliff at Lyons.

· Dinner in the Orangery. The imaginative menu includes local meat and fish, foraged fruit and vegetables, and tastes from the botanical gardens.

· Lunch on both days and breakfast on day two. [Meals can be tailored to dietary requirements as needed].

· Tea, coffee, snacks and refreshments throughout.

· All course materials, to be used during the retreat and beyond.

· A pre-questionnaire that we will use to tailor the course to you.

· A one-hour telephone coaching session to follow up on your work, thinking and planning after the event.