Data Science Fundamentals

Learn the foundations of Data Science with this course that includes:

  • Explanatory short videos of around 5 minutes each.
  • Mental maps in text to learn more effectively.
  • Hands-on exercises and a project to learn by doing.
  • Peer feedback and a Community to learn in good company.

We have launched this online course to advance in our mission to make Artificial Intelligence more accessible while building social impact projects, what we call our #AI4All #AI4Good vision.

Completing this course is a solid step in your analytics career and can help you to enroll in our flagship program: AI Saturdays, the leading social AI bootcamp.

Access to the course is free, but we have decided to add a donation option if you want to support the community :) If not, just enter a '0' and continue with the registration.

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Additional Information

Lay the grounds to kick start your Data Science superpowers.

  • Practical exercises: Each module includes exercises that, in addition to summarizing the key concepts of each module, will guide you through the activities proposed in the lessons of that module.
  • Community: The program includes private forums where you can ask your questions and schedule, getting in touch with mentors and other peers.

Week 1 - Intro to DS & Maths

  • Find your buddy
  • Part 1 (15 min)
  • Key differences between DS and AI
  • From data to big data
  • The data life cycle
  • Part 2 (10 min)
  • Mean, Median, Mode, Std, Variance
  • Anscombe's quartet + Accuracy vs Precision
  • Basics of unconditional probability
  • Assignment Week 1: Intro to DS & Maths
  • Review work done by your peers
  • Week 1 - Solution
  • Additional resources and bibliography

Week 2 - Data Cleaning & Maths

  • Part 1 (5 min)
  • Types of data and main problems
  • Missing valuesOutliers
  • Part 2 (5 min)
  • Probability distributions (focus on gaussian)
  • Population vs Sample.
  • Central limit theorem.
  • Feature Scaling, Normalitzation vs Standardization
  • Assignment Week 2: Data Cleaning & Maths
  • Review work done by your peers
  • Week 2 - Solution
  • Additional resources and bibliography

Week 3 - Important concepts & Visualization

  • Part 1 (3 min)
  • Normality and Homoscedasticity
  • Correlation maps
  • Basics of linear regression
  • Part 2 (8 min)
  • Why dataviz is important
  • Types of visualizations
  • Bad and good practices on dataviz
  • Assignment 3
  • Review work done by your peers
  • Week 3 - Solution
  • Additional resources and bibliography

Week 4 - Real DS example

  • Solving a problem with Data Science
  • Assignment
  • Review work done by your peers
  • Week 4 - Solution

(Optional) Create a short project

  • About your Project
  • Submit your Code / notebook here
  • Submit your Videorecording here
  • Submit you Deployment here
  • Demoing using Gradio
  • Deploying using Streamlit

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