Kids GET IT!

Kids GET IT! is a set of workshops for children ages 11-14. This interactive class is designed to appeal to boys and girls who are always wondering how things are made. The workshop will demonstrate the intricacies of IT Careers, Web Design and Web Development, in an easy to learn setting. The workshop will introduce kids to the world of creation in several fields, while showcasing the fun and creativity it encompasses.

Parents are welcome to stay and learn with their child.

Lunch, snacks and beverages included.

Session 1: Getting Educated about Information Technology (GET IT)

This first session, seeks to educate the youth about all the exciting IT careers. Kids are encouraged to be curious, ask questions, and apply their analytical skills in creative role playing to help them understand the different career paths. To date, the program has increased interest in IT careers by a whopping 75%.

Session 2: Agile Web Design

In this second session, we will apply what was learned about IT careers while harnessing our creativity. Kids will work in groups to define a business idea then design a related website through a hands on crafting activity. The focus will be on good teamwork and communication, web layout concepts, and creative business solutions.

Session 3: Collaborative Web Development

In this third and final session, the teams from session two will work with professional web developers to turn their web designs into real live solutions. Teams will work in quick, iterative cycles allowing them to see their vision come to light, creatively solve issues, and test and refine the end product just like in the real world.

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