Mobile Web Progress 2017

Mobile Web Progress gathers developers to preview what's coming to web technology. Join us March 1st, 2017. Doors open at 16:30h. (Event 17:00h - 19:45h). Ens veiem a Barcelona!


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mobile WEB progress 2017


Hypertextual-Reality: VR on the Web

Diego González @diekus Virtual Reality has seen the launch of 5 platforms from different vendors over the past year and a half. They feature diverse capabilities that range from gaze selection to 360º motion tracking. This has led to separate closed environments that require different development technologies, which fragment and isolate the already divided niche. Developer portal registrations, app store accounts and increasingly complicated workflows can hurt VR, and having a way of developing immersive experiences on an open technology stack is highly beneficial. One option is implementing VR on the web, coupling the open approach of the web technologies with immersive experiences of virtual reality.

Intro to HTML5 game development

Belén Albeza @ladybenko The Web is in better shape that never before to be a gaming platform. HTML5 technologies allow us to create games, 3D and 2D, with a rich audio capabilities, support for gamepads, touch events, etc. If you are a web developer, but have not yet created a game, this talk is for you! We will see what the Web has to offer us for game development, which tools and libraries we have at our disposable, and some basic game development concepts to get you started with the tools of your choice.

The Web Platform: use it, build it

Dom Hazael-Massieux, W3C @dontcallmedom The Web on Mobile is better than ever, and it will soon be even more amazing. Learn what's cooking in the Web Platform, and how developers can bring their ideas and input to the next set of ingredients

The Right Choice: When the Web is the right answer and why?

Salvador de la Puente , Mozilla @salvadelapuente Going native or building for Web is a perennial hot topic in the mobile development space, but treating these alternatives as irreconcilable is naïve. Nowadays, each option offers distinct opportunities and advantages. With the advent of new web technologies such as Service Workers, Push API and Web Manifest, let’s reconsider the Web as a competitive platform.

About Mobile World Centre:
The Mobile World Centre is a public-private initiative created by the Mobile World Capital Foundation and Telefonica. The Centre helps you to realize how mobile telephony and Internet are deeply changing our lives, how the ability to communicate anytime/anywhere has become one of the 21st century challenges, …, and how mobility offers solutions for the society organization that were unthinkable just a few years ago.

The Mobile World Centre is an open space for citizens. It houses a permanent exhibition and offers an agenda of activities related to current, trending and future issues and projects based on the social, cultural, technological and economic transformation brought by mobile technology. Therefore, it is a place to visit and experience, to share new approaches and opportunities, to enjoy and learn.