Art Exhibition Evening - Age is a Privilege; Unless you Forget.

Art Exhibition Evening

Presenting Debbie Castro’s “Age is a Privilege” Exhibition. The Exhibition features Debbie Castro’s Photographic Artistry “Age is a Privilege Unless You Forget” (As seen in the RHA Gallery), the evening will also include the launch of a new Documentary & the Celebration of our 2023 Achievements! Wine Reception begins at 7pm!

About the Artist & Her Work

Age is a privilege, unless you forget! is an intimate collaboration with the artist’s father, Charles. Multi-layered, it explores the perspective of a person living with dementia with an aim to open up a dialogue for the wider community.

There are no answers and no guarantees with this illness, only that it gets progressively worse. The number of people with dementia by 2051 worldwide is thought to rise to 250 million and as such, needs to be discussed as much as possible now.

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