RustFest Barcelona 2019

RustFest Number Six will take place in beautiful Barcelona this November!
Please visit our website for more information.

Note: we will again be organizing an (optional) Impl Days event after the conference (November 11-12), if you are planning to attend sure to book your travel accordingly!

If you want to learn more about the various tickets offered below check out our Ticket page.

The last round of Community Tickets is now on sale, available until October 10th

Discounted student tickets are now sold out.


  • Community tickets are a limited number of discounted tickets. We are selling these tickets at cost (that is, roughly covering the cost of the venue rental and catering for one person), but at the price point there's not much left to contribute to the other costs of organizing a conference—such as speaker travel, talk recording, live transcription and many others. All tickets provide full access to the conference and are the same in every other regard, if you are a freelancer, or paying for your own ticket out of pocket, feel free to grab some of the discounted community tickets—but if your company is paying for (or reimbursing) your tickets, or you can afford to chip in a bit more please support our efforts by buying the Full-price Tickets.
  • Full Price Tickets provide access to all talks and workshops, just like Community Tickets, but while Community Tickets are discounted to cover the bare minimum costs of one attendee, Full Price Tickets let us cover all other costs—from speaker travel to talk recordings and scholarships. Please if you can afford to pay the full price, or your employer covers/reimburses your tickets choose the Full Price Ticket option and help us make RustFest even better.
  • Team Double tickets include two full tickets for the whole conference. If you already know someone else from your company will be coming to RustFest besides you this ticket gives entry to both of you with some additional perks and visibility for being awesome. Your company logo will be presented on our webpage. 10% of the sponsorship also directly supports our Scholarship offering, and your company will be mentioned during the conference as one of the supporters of our diversity efforts. If your company would be interested in further perks, or sending more than two people to RustFest please head on to our sponsorship packages for a detailed list of available sponsorship opportunities:
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