RubyKaigi 2022

RubyKaigi is the world's largest international conference on the Ruby programming language.


Additional Information

Register here for RubyKaigi 2022!

  • Our official website is at
  • Latest news are available on our official Twitter account: @rubykaigi
  • Please review our Anti Harassment & Accessibility Policy and COVID-19 policy before you purchase your ticket.
  • A full ticket covers access to both venue, in-person and virtual. A virtual only ticket only includes access to the virtual venue.
    • To access the in-person venue, there are a mandatory question attached to a full ticket. Please fill in after you complete purchasing your ticket.
    • Our in-person venue capacity is running out! Once the in-person venue is fully occupied, all existing tickets which has not requested in-person attendance will lose access to the in-person venue, and further tickets will be sold as online-only. Register yourself ASAP.
    • Virtual only ticket is also available. Consider purchasing that if you're sure that you'll not travel for RubyKaigi.

RubyKaigi 2022 is a hybrid conference

RubyKaigi 2022 happens on a in-person venue and virtual venue. We'll provide full live stream coverage on the virtual venue, and speakers may give their talk remotely.

A single attendee ticket covers access to the both venue. Novelties (e.g. T-shirts, Stickers, ...) may not be available if you choose virtual attendance.

Regarding the virtual venue, Access instruction (URL, etc...) will be provided later. Note that the conference will be held on JST daytime.

Strict COVID-19 Policy

To enter our in-person venue, every attendee must review our COVID-19 Policy before purchasing. We apply the policy very strictively. Please read and understand carefully.

Refund Policy

All sales are final and no refunds will be offered to participants who cancel. You can transfer your ticket to someone else at your own responsibility.

Note that we may refund partially or fully under certain conditions written on our COVID-19 policy.

Ticket Types

  • Attendee: 20,000 JPY

Discount Options

Ruby Committers

Ruby core team members are invited to RubyKaigi 2022. Please follow the instruction that we sent to ruby-core ML.


RubyKaigi 2022 speakers will get free admission to RubyKaigi 2022. Please follow the instruction that we sent to you.


Our sponsorship package includes invitation tickets; Invitation tickets are available at our sponsorship portal, so check there or ask your colleague who has access.

As of May 2022, all sponsorship applications are not finalized. For attendees in such sponsors; especially Ruby and Platinum sponsors, wait June 2022 for finalization of your sponsorship and number of invitations, and instruction.

Note: Registrations made with invitation discount code may be shared with your admins (who has access to sponsorship portal).

Any Questions?

Feel free to contact us at!