GA4 (Google Analytics) training - LONDON 23rd June 2023

This course is designed for anyone who uses (or intends to use) Google Analytics 4 a their primary analytics tool on their websites and/or apps. You don't have to have used GA4 before, but some experience or awareness of Universal Analytics would give you a good head start.

In this one-day training course, we'll cover what GA4 is, how it works and how to make the most out of all it's features. At the end of the course, you will have all the tools you need to confidently use GA4 for measuring your websites and apps, know where to go to get familiar data, and a few ways you can take action on it too! No prior GA4 experience needed!

Course content

The course is divided into 4 distinct topics, which build upon each other to cover as much ground as possible whilst still keeping it grounded in practical examples and use cases. There are breaks in-between each topic, and a Q&A session at the end to go over any questions or additional content or concepts not touched on in the course.

  1. GA4 Fundamentals - How Google Analytics 4 works - Account structure and setup - Using the interface - Sessions and timeouts
  2. GA4 for marketing analytics - Tracking marketing links - Standard marketing reports - Attribution modelling - Advanced marketing reports
  3. GA4 for behavioural analytics - Event reporting - Page reports - Event customisation - Funnel and path explorations
  4. Analysis and activation in GA4 - Creating and using Audiences - Building explorations - Segments - Activation techniques Q&A

Your trainer Daniel Perry-Reed is a Lead Analytics Consultant at Measurelab and has been working in marketing analytics for 10+ years. He is a seasoned analytics trainer, co-host of the podcast The Measure Pod and overall analytics enthusiast.


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Additional Information

You can arrive from 8am and breakfast is included for those that want it.

The course will start at 10am.The training will finish at 4.30pm

Breakfast, lunch and refreshments are included in the ticket price.