Let's get you some tickets!

Welcome! This is the registration service for Reversim Summit 2019 .

  • Registration is open for everyone, including individuals and employers. Sale ends when tickets are sold out.
  • You may register for just one of the days or for both days. The price is 100₪ per person per day. If you register for both days (and we encourage you to do so) it’s 200₪.
  • To view the schedule for each day, visit: https://summit2019.reversim.com/agenda
  • Bulk purchase is accepted so employers may purchase multiple tickets for their employees. You may pay once (a single transaction) and then - assign ticket to employees.
  • If you purchase a bulk of tickets, please collect dietary preferences, and/or special disability requirements from your employees upfront in order to fill the required details. Other required details are names, emails and employer name.
  • Full refunds are accepted up to until 7 days before the event.

Reversim Summit is volunteer driven and not for profit. We use this money in order to pay for food, video, security, shirts etc.

Are you a sponsor? Thank you! You are entitled to a number of free tickets. Please contact Gilli.


  • June 16
  • June 17
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