Retune Studio Visit #34: So Kanno

The Retune Studio Visits offer a unique opportunity to get a peek into Berlin's creative studios.

Berlin-based media artist and former design informatics major at Musashino Art University So Kanno, considers the relationship between human and machine. His work reflects his technical knowledge as well as his insatiable curiosity about the natural world, which allows him to discover new perspectives.

He translates the synchronization seen in swarming organisms, such as starlings or fireflies, into fluffy-haired robots that communicate via laser beams. They make visible, what nature conceals. Lasermice was recently presented at Ars Electronica festival 2019 in Linz, Austria.

An exhibition by So Kanno und Takahiro Yang at the Yamaguchi Center for Arts and Media in 2017 examines how visitors and remote-controlled, mobile objects, like a car, a plant, or a catapult interact with each other in a real environment. Any person around the world with access to the exhibition website could log in to one of the devices. Thus, they come alive, provoking new attitudes towards artificial intelligence.


19:00 – Doors

19:30 – Presentation
20:30 – Drinks


So Kanno
c/o Meyer, Boes, Effinger
Oranienstr. 14A
10999 Berlin


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